Monday, June 8, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am so proud to say that I have been chosen, two terms in a row to be on the design team at Pink Pineapple Scrapbooks. We design team members had our first meeting this past Monday and I had so much fun meeting the newest additions to the team, and one of the ladies brought us all these adorbale pink pineapple candles. Thank you Dawn!!! That was super cool and I totally love it. Like I mentioned on my last post about how much fun my friends are, well I got a whole new batch of girls now to hang out with!!!:) That night margaritas were made, food was eaten, hilarious stories were being shared, like...ok i don't want to!!! allyson and I were being secret ninjas outside, and Krystie sat right in front of us indian style cracking us up. :) Teri was a freakin trooper, Carrie and I made plans for Typhoon Saloon in PB this Friday, I talked way more than I usually do. Then Krystie and I went back to her house and played Rock Star Hero (idk think thats the right name). We made it all the way to 41%. Go us!!!! We rocked without the yellow working!!!! Man, am I going to have fun with these ladies and whats even cooler is we all have a passion to scrap. We get to share and inspire not only the customers at Pink Pineapple with our awesome work but we get to inspire each other. So the picture below is an assignment I am working on. (Finally finished the front cover) So I am working on creating a book about all the inspirational images I find off the internet using the Teresa Collins 3 tab folder that will be bounded it up with the bind it all. Im also using her line paper and of course a lot more. I just turned in my Making Memories page for design team at Pink Pineapple using their new "Chill Out" line with the rock star guitar paper and embellishments. I gotta get a pic of it so I can put on my blog, but it is on display so check it out!!! NightNight xoxo

Since having my son two years ago, my scrapbooking pictures have ofcourse been focused primarily on him although I have a stack of pictures I have taken of my friends and I doing what we do best; create havoc!!!;) Not really but when my friends and I get together, we all know there is going to be quit an adventure ahead of us cuz when we all get together we never know whats going to happen. I know it probably sounds so generic but I truly feel I have some of the greatest people in the world who I get to call my friends, my bestest friends!!!! Anyways, so I've been really good with uploading pictures on snapfish and getting them developed but instead of scrapping them, Id just store them in this cute little photo album I have since I have been so busy working on Kingstons album. But with the popular trend of glitter, rhinestones, bright color paper and embellishments, I have finally been inspired enough to work on my "Good Times" album which really should be called "Fucking Awesome Times" but you know, I decided to not cus on the front cover. This album is all about my friends and I and the actual album was originally an acrylic album from Rusty Pickle but I added chipboard pages to scrap more pictures. I've been using American Crafts leather stickers, Stickles, 7Gypsies stickers, Home Depot dry wall tape, pipe cleaners, rhinestones, paper flowers, ribbon, hat pins, transperancies and so much more and I am not even done. So yeah, the pics on the bottom are pictures of the so far project.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Here I go!

I dedicate this blog to all of those who have told me "Heather, you need a blog!!!" My name is heather and I am this little petite powerhouse that "goes big or goes home". This moto keeps me on my toes with everything that I do; from being the best mommy to my two year old son Kingston, to being the bestest friend that I can be, from making the coolest scrapbook page possible, to making a night out with my homies as legally crazy as possible, etc. I like to a leave a memorable mark and I will be telling the stories that most people don't know as my blog grows. I want people to find inspiration through my craft work and hopefully spark up someones creative juices to create something of their own. Im excited to let people have a peek into the never-ending exciting life of heather and allow myself to be just be me with the thoughts, stories and pictures I share. Oh and Im going to cus, so please don't be offended. Aight?????